The Luxe Whisky Tasters Club

Get great whisky every month and learn all about it

All our whiskies are exclusive limited edition bottlings. Once they are gone, they are GONE.

At our Luxe Whisky Tasters Club we make sure you never miss a good dram!

Join the club, close your eyes, take a deep breath and dip your nose into some of the most distinguished bottlings on the planet.

Being a member is simply awesome!

How does the Whisky Club work?

Once you enroll in the Club we will deliver to you a special, rare, limited edition, delightful whisky bottle every month.

We can’t tell you in advance what you’re going to get — the surprise of getting a great bottle is part of what makes our club great. We can promise that every selection will be of the finest quality, highly exceptional, guaranteed to intrigue, entertain and delight.

To get into a bit more details, as a member of the Club, you will get:

  1. An exceptional bottle of single cask single malt whisky OR a box of 5 small taster bottles — choose whichever option you prefer below. If you choose the mix, every other month we’ll send you taster bottles instead of a regular bottle.
  2. A complimentary taster box of three different 4cl bottles of rare, limited edition whiskies
  3. A complimentary Glencairn nosing & tasting glass
  4. Access to members only flash sales and whisky deals
  5. Invitations to our members only events
  6. Invitations to our open tasting events
  7. Discounts to our online shop and in our stores

Go ahead, sign up for the whisky club and enjoy the whisky and the whisky members club perks!

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The Fine Print

Membership to The Club is a subscription product and will renew automatically every month.

With that said, you can cancel at any time. Simply let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription. No bogus cancellation fees and you can keep your gifts!

About the Luxe Whisky Tasters Club

The Whisky Club is for true whisky lovers who long for the best bottles available and are looking for the rarest and very hard to get bottles.

The critical criteria in selecting each month’s dram is that it should be unique, limited edition, collector’s grade and above all — it should taste absolutely smashing.

We will bring you whisky that you will rarely see on the shelves of the mainstream store chains, whiskies that are closely guarded by those that own them, whiskies that have a true story to tell — whiskies that are harder to find.

Once a month we will send you an exceptionally good whisky and most importantly, detailed tasting notes with each bottle, complete with distillery profile, history, whisky details, food pairing suggestions, education on the dram, etc.

The street price tag of the featured whiskies will generally range between €80 – 120, and by using the Club membership’s buying power, we can secure their great value for less — so you will be getting a great deal for your money.


Not Into Memberships?

Our members enjoy the best of the best that we get. They get the first pick of the new unique, limited edition, exclusive and rare whisky that we get every month. The kind of whisky that once it is gone, it is gone for good.

If you are not interested in becoming a member, then that’s OK. We understand.  But not to miss out on any good whisky that we have, simply type your name and email below and once a month we will send you a list of exclusive whiskies to pick from.

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