Whisky Box

There is hardly a better gift to whisky lovers than our Whisky Box.

Each taster box is as unique as the drams in it — it is handmade out of wood and contains 3 or 5 exclusive whisky samples of 4cl each. Each whisky sample bottle in the box is a rare, special and limited edition dram. Which means that when you buy another box, you will get a completely different set of delightful malts.

The Whisky Box is a way of offering whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs the opportunity to explore exclusive drams at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the entire bottles.

We often use a theme for the drams included in our Whisky Boxes — Cigar lovers, Burns collection, Chocolate lovers, Cheese mongers, Sherry buttheads, and more. Our Whisky Boxes are the ideal way to delight your tastebuds and explore some of the best whiskies in the world.

Our Whisky Boxes are the perfect gift for whisky lovers (and for you!) for any occasion. So go ahead, get one or more and enjoy the whisky!


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