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4 New Releases

Dear whisky friend, I have some news for you again. And some bottles that will cater to everyone’s flavor palate. But let me start with a topic that concerns customers in Germany. The German federal government wants to boost consumption and has reduced the VAT rate from 19% to 16%. This means that product prices […]

4 Best Drams

Dear whisky friend, Another Wednesday in Corona-times. The Pentecost weekend, which was extremely sunny and warm, is behind us and I am sure small groups of friends gathered together in many gardens, turned on the grill, and enjoyed one or two drams to just kick back and relax. I personally had a small tasting with […]

It appears that the size does not matter after all!

Dear whisky friend, An average virus of 100 nanometers determines our lives. Just for comparison, European hair has an average diameter of 7,000,000 nanometers. However, more and more restrictions are disappearing, the number of infected people is falling sharply and medicine is gaining new insights into the virus and how it works. Political decision-makers are […]

Mid-week musings plus a Caol Ila and a good old Highland Park

Dear whisky friend, Hello to another Wednesday in these difficult times. And because things for some are not that easy let me offer a few encouraging words. Like everyone else, I think about what will happen after we are ‘set free’, after the corona virus quarantine. Time that will probably go down in human history […]

I found some Isle of Jura, 2002, White Wine Finish, Dun Bheagan Series, Ian MacLeod Distillers

Dear whisky friend, I was hoping that the practice to email you mid-week would come to an end fairly quickly but it looks that it’s here to stay, at least for some more time. In any case, there is still uncertainty whether the summer events would happen and many are also canceled. The Annual Steampunk […]