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If you are looking for exclusive, unique, collectors’ grade, limited edition, special and rare whisky then you are in the right place.

We are all about three main things – discovering whisky, tasting whisky, and buying whisky.

Every month, we spent countless hours looking for those unique, exclusive, different, rare and often even strange whisky.

We enjoy doing that but what we love doing more is bringing those bottles in and tasting the drams! And what we love more is sharing that experience with you!

The Luxembourgish Cask Selection

Discover Our Unique Whiskies

We specialize in finding and trading exclusive, unique, limited edition, collectors’ grade, special, rare and sometimes even strange whisky.

We love independent bottlings of single cask and single malt whiskies and we occasionally select some rare exclusive blends too. Why we love independent bottlers — because of the uniqueness of the whiskies they release. Of course there are some excellent mainstream brands of whisky out there with exception bottles too, but when it comes to limited editions, exceptionally rare, collector’s grade whisky, the independent bottlers releases are second to none. Often bottled at cask strength and non-chill filtered independent bottlings are usually not subjected to any interference other than that of the whisky and the cask. So you can enjoy the drams as if they were straight from the cask.

Often, the unique bottlings that we find and bring here for you include malts from silent distilleries that are no longer in operation, giving you the opportunity to taste truly unique whiskies which may be gone forever.

We really appreciate whisky and we go to great lengths to find the best and the rarest of drams. And once we do, we bring the whisky here, then open a bottle of each for you to taste while making sure we keep one or more intact for you to buy. We offer the bottles at very fair prices for as long as they last (and unique whisky goes fast!).

Introducing The Luxembourgish Cask Selection

The Luxembourgish Cask Selection was created by Stephan Kurpiela in 2007.

With his background in the catering and hospitality industry, Stephan had always had an eye for good quality spirits, but it was only in 2007 when he met a local whisky expert who was so knowledgeable about whisky and had so many interesting stories to tell, that Stephan’s spirit of discovery and adventure, together with his uncompromising palate and infallible nose, took a deep dive in the world of single malt whisky.

That is how The Luxembourgish Cask Selection was born.

A few years later Stephan was joined by Ivo, who had been an avid whisky enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Ivo’s rich experience in the world of whisky, events and clubs, which he had acquired during his many years in the US and the UK, are surpassed only by his uncanny knowledge about the world of online business, marketing and sales. That, together with his outgoing and welcoming personality, friendliness and always positive attitude, had quickly made him an invaluable part of the Luxembourg Cask Selection team.

Together Stephan and Ivo form the Luxembourgish Cask Selection and our main goal is to bring you the world’s best whiskies so you can discover their magic, taste them and if you like them buy them.

Stephan and Kim at the store at Christmas time

Stephan at a tasting event

Ivo pondering the meaning of life

Ivo at his private piece of land in Islay, Scottland

Some Fun Facts About Us

  • Stephan has 10 piercings and 0 tattoos.
  • The most unusual place that Ivo had tasted whisky is on the foot of the Statue of Liberty in New York.
  • LCS team is very music-diverse – we sport a Metal-Head, an Industrial Goth and a Hip-Hop fan.
  • The way ‘Slainte’ is pronounced in Bulgarian is very closed to the Bulgarian word for ‘little elephant’.
  • Combined we have sampled more than 5000 different whiskies.
  • Combined we speak 12 languages.
  • We love whisky!


Why Our Clients Love Us?

Because we do the hard work of finding great whisky so they can sit back, relax and enjoy it!

Every month, we spent countless hours looking for one of a kind, exceptional, collectors’ grade, unique, exclusive, different, rare and often even strange drams.

And believe us – it is a difficult job to do. It is not easy to find and then whisky that has been bottled in triple and sometimes double digit numbers.

Almost all of the whisky we get are hard to come buy. This is what the path of an unique dram usually is — a small number of bottles, some times as limited as 200, even less, come out of an average release — that is a whisky cask matured by independent bottlers. 100 of them stay in the UK, where they originate. Of the remaining 100, 60 go to the US. Of the remaining 40, only 15 come into Europe and get distributed among resellers. You can imagine how difficult is to get your hands on any of those. But through our network and personal connections we always manage to get some — sometimes as few as 2!

And when we do, we open one bottle for you and us to taste and we keep the other bottle intact for you to buy.

We always make sure that you can taste every single whisky that we get!

So join us to discover whisky, taste whisky, buy whisky!