The Luxembourgish Cask Selection


Only about 200 bottles come out of an average whisky cask matured by independent bottlers

100 of them stay in the UK, where they originate

Of the remaining 100, 60 go to the US

Of the remaining 40, only 15 come into Europe

— and we’ve got 2 of them!

We’ll open one bottle for you to taste and we’ll keep the other bottle intact for you to buy!

Exceptional Unique Whisky — In Every Way

You are one of a kind — your whisky should be too

We specialize in finding and trading exclusive, unique, limited edition, collectors’ grade, special, rare and sometimes even strange whisky.

We love independent bottlings of single cask and single malt whiskies and we occasionally select some rare exclusive blends too.

We usually go for cask strength, uncolored, non-chill filtered and unadulterated in any way malts because they are the ones with the most distinctive and unique character.

We appreciate the exceptional drams and we go to great lengths to find the best and the rarest of the malts.

And once we do, we bring them here to offer them at very fair prices to you as long as they last.

And we always make sure that you can taste every whisky we get!

Taste Limited Edition Whisky Before It’s Gone

We bring special rare drams to you in three different ways

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